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Product Dimensions in Inch - W53x H29 x D19

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Our Zen storage unit is modish and old world in equal measure. Made out of solid Oak wood with white veneer, it has marked long grains upon its surface. It comes with four wooden legs- two at the back standing erect while the two in front standing slanted but sturdy. The definition to this piece however comes with a bent metal sheet in charcoal grey that makes the Top of this Unit. Zen is a fantastic crockery station to keep around the dining table. Use the top three shelves to organise your table napkins, cutlery and small items from your lovely crockery. The three cabinets at bottom can be used to store larger pieces like your plates, serving bowls etc. However, the usage of this understated storage unit is not restricted to organising crockeries. You can totally place ‘Zen’ storage in other rooms too and use as per need, convenience and imagination.