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Polo-Bar Stool

Polo-Bar Stool

Rs. 5,700.00


Product Dimensions in Inch - W11 x H29 x D11

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Our Polo barstools are fairly spirited in their disposition. The design concept revolves around four sleek metal pipes with an Oak Top making it a perfect extension to our design DNA that fuses metal with solid wood. We gave it an optimal height footrest in form of the svelte tie-member for the metal pipes. What came alive thus was a piece that is light in feel, beautiful to look at and comfortable to sit upon. Pair Polo barstools with our Den bar-unit or let them give company to our high breakfast tables; they are equally practical in both settings. Available in blue, red, yellow, black and white colour options, Polo’s refreshing design exudes a happy, confident attitude. Since they are lightweight, they can be moved around the house for extra seating as per convenience.