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Zen side table

Zen side table

Rs. 13,999.00


Product Dimensions in Inch - W14x H21.5 x D14

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Our Zen side-tables are modish and old world in equal measure. Made out of solid Oak wood in natural finish, you can see marked long grains upon its surface. It has four wooden legs- two at the back standing erect while the two in front standing slanted but sturdy. It is equipped with a drawer to store all your bedtime essentials. We gave it an easily removable tray on Top that can be put back with same ease. It will help create variation in table layout as per your mood and is also useful to keep a hot cuppa right on your bed should you need to. There is also a provision for an open cabinet below the drawer to be utilised as per need. Zen will give good company to both our Stencil and 4-poster beds. Together they will form a cohesive unit drawing the look of the room together.